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What a Horse Smells Like
Wayne Jeffreys

It is fair to say that ah orse does smell! The smell of a horse can be associated with many odors; i.e., manure, sweat, urine, hair, dirt, leather, feed, straw and even other animals. But to me a horse smells like my youth! That may sound strange; when I'm around horses, it reminds me of the many days I spent with my grandparents. My grandfather owned a small farm in central North Carolina and as a child I spent most of my summers there. He owned several mules, horses and cows and I spent most of my days "horsing around" with the livestock. Actually he never owned an automobile; if he wanted to "drive" around the farm he would hitch up one of the mules or horses to his wagon and off we would go. Sometimes he would use his buggy on my formal occasions. This was fun stuff for a small child.

Smell is a very powerful sense and one that can take you mentally to places of your past and that is exactly what happens to me when I'm around horses. I remember all the wonderful days spent playing / sometimes working on my grandfather's farm.

Now that is what a horse smells like to me!! :)

What a Horse Smells Like - "Jet"
Amanda Fenstermacher

Although Jet is technically "chestnut" in appearance, he unfortunately does not smell like roasted chestnuts on an open fire, as Nat King Cole would say. Jet has a very musky scent but it's not strong enough to make you not want to hug him. Before being groomed, Jet smells of perspiration and din, making a lovely combination. Around his face I smell hay, probably from the pieces of hay hanging from his mouth. Even though all of these scents are not usually tempting, to a horse lover and to his family at the Equine Center it's one of a kind!

What a Horse Smells Like

The scent of a horse is the scent of life. It is a dusty hot August day and the moist clean smell after a welcome rain shower. It is a horse's breath on a bitterly cold winter day and hay, grain and sweat when the day is through.

What a Horse Smells Like
Brooke Richwine

A horse smells better than the morning's first cup of coffee. I close my eyes.

She smells like warm sunshine
...and baked earth...and sweet, ripened hay.

Nuzzling into her, the blend of smells
is heightened by her warm, soft, smooth body. I savor this...and the horse becomes my passion.

In this whirl of aromatic delight,
I open my eyes...and I am hopelessly in love with the most majestic of all God's creatures.

What a Horse Smells Like

To smell a horse can closely be related to one searching for a new perfume.

As one picks up a tester bottle and sprays the odiferous scent onto the card, one must smell the card time after time to determine if one likes the smell.

This too is how I had to determine "how a horse smells."

At first sniff, a smell is not evident. But after each sniff, I can determine a fine hint of musk.

As I make my way around the horse, a more evident smell is sensed towards his tail. This is a faint smell of urine.

I had to sniff the horse several times before I could even determine his smell which is still hard to describe.

By: Makenna Hissick
Age: 10

Horsey horsey follow me through the woods and through the trees,
Horsey horsey couldn't stop horsey horsey went plop!

By: Mary Dougherty
Age: 10

I love horses they are so sweet, I wish I could kiss them, but they step on my feet.
But I don't care, they are so kind, I love them so much...except their behind!