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More web site updates

Posted by Joanne Hocker on Monday, March 30, 2009,
Hello again,

So I put up a temporary portion on the website (titled "Vote") where I asked for your opinion on how you want TELC photos displayed. A bit surprisingly, you voted unanimously in favor of the new slide show style. As such, all TELC photos are now displayed in slide show format.

Some new photo groups are up as well:

"A Day at the Barn"
"Special Events"
"Summer Camp"

Finally, some new photos have been added to old photo groups, so be sure to check them out too!

-Daniel ...

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Birthdays at TELC!

Posted by Joanne Hocker on Friday, March 27, 2009,
Spring time is when most foals are born, so we'd like to have everyone wish the following horses happy birthday on their birthdays!  Carrots and apples are much appreciated :)


April 10
  • Pocalotta (was born in 2006 so will be turning 3)  

April 11
  • Seranade (was born in 1994 so will be turning 15)

April 13
  • Poquita (was born in 1986 so will be turning 23)

April 19
  • Bobbie (was born in 1997 so will be turning 12)

April 20
  • PJ (was born in 1985 so will be turning 24)
  • Annie (was born in 2008 so will be...

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Posted by Joanne Hocker on Thursday, March 19, 2009,
As you may have noticed, we recently added a new section called "Forum".  This section has been provided in order to get TELC's community talking to one another.  You may ask questions, post information, list items for sale, etc.  We would love to have new topics added to the forum or get people talking about the ones that are there!  

In other, unfortunate, news, one of TELC's best school horses passed away this past weekend. Sneakers Streaker "Sneakers" was a 34 year-old quarter horse geldin...

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TELC web site updates!

Posted by Joanne Hocker on Tuesday, March 10, 2009,
Hello all,

As you may have noticed, the photos section of this web site has been renovated! Photos are now grouped by category, and a new comments system is in place that allows you to even record video comments if you have a web cam. Also, you can click on each photo to see an enlarged version!

If you have any additional ideas / suggestions for the site, remember that you can always comment on these blog posts or e-mail us via the "Contact" page of this site.

-Daniel Contract

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